as I walk

the journey to becoming me

Who I Am

Who I am… that’s the question. I’m me. I wear Converse (and orthotics). I love quality music – from Frightened Rabbit to Young the Giant to Blind Pilot to Lindsey Stirling, and every where in between.  
I follow Jesus. I’m in school majoring in philosophy and my minor is women and gender studies. I take great pride in my school work and am planning on continuing with a masters in theological studies and a PhD in theology and ethics.
I’m gay and gender non-conforming. I’m married to a brilliant and hilarious and adorable woman who I always remind is older than I am. I love cats. I love dogs. I love mongooses. I love penguins. I love squirrels. Okay, I love animals.
I like to drive barefoot (in the summer).
I love a good hard cider and Jameson. I like my water with cucumber in it. I’m very passionate about the human rights crisis in North Korea and was even able to ride a bike in the country for 10 glorious days.  
My hair is in an awkward growing out stage.  It was more than a faux hawk less than a mohawk, now it’s just shaggy.
I think that explains who I am.


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