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Woman in my life essay

The following is an essay I wrote for my school’s HerStory month.

The Woman in My Life

From our very first conversation on the phone, I knew she would be special. This lawyer was down to earth, funny, sincere, and intelligent. When we finally met, everything I thought I knew about her was confirmed. This OKCupid date was the last first date I’d ever go on. We couldn’t stop talking, I couldn’t stop smiling. Within six months we were married, and now we’re on the dawn of our one year anniversary.

The things that made me fall in love with her still draw me in and make me interrupt her stories just so I can tell her I love her. Every day, I feel that we get closer. The people that come across her are better for having met her. Her love is infectious.

She stood by me through the darkest time in my life. I never once felt her withhold anything from me during that time. She gave even when I did not have the capacity to give back. She didn’t expect anything from me other than to keep fighting to get out of that darkness. Her love is peace.

She has taught me to stand up for myself – to be strong. As time has gone on, I’ve seen her strength, her loyalty, and her passion for social justice really come alive. She taught me that feminism is a good thing and to embrace who I am. Her love is strength.

She encouraged me to return to school so I can have my dream job. She is sacrificing so we can make it work. She helps me study and will proof-read papers for me. She’s in this with me. Her love is transformative.

Her love is mine.


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