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World Communion Day

I learned that today is World Communion Sunday.
This isn’t something that I was raised with.  Talk to me about Pentecost Sunday… and well, then we can have a conversation.
As I heard it explained before communion, it was about uniting with our sisters and brothers around the world.  That they too were participating, and it wasn’t just our congregation but the congregations around the world.  It sounds beautiful.  It sounds lovely.  It angered me.
There are countries that have no access to the Gospel.  It may be because there simply hasn’t been a Bible in their language yet.  It may be because of harsh government rule.  There are places that people meet in secret knowing that if they are caught, they will be imprisoned, tortured, and or killed for speaking of Jesus.
How can I participate in something knowing that they cannot?  I think of the friends that I made in North Korea.  Kim and Cho are 100% unaware of what’s happening here.  We talked very discretely about things of faith after several beers and Karaoke.  I know that if the world were a different place they’d find a loving home at my church and they’d have taken communion today.  But it’s not.  The world is broken.  I chose to respectfully decline communion out of love not just for the people who I met in my journeys, but for those who have never met anyone who knows the name that is above all.
Today my heart broke just a little more for the people who I consider mine.

Kim translating for a guard

Kim translating for a guard

Sitting with some boys

Sitting with some boys


Some North Koreans dancing


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  1. Cooliefresh on said:

    You have not posted in almost a month…miss you.

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