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first love

The first time I truly fell in love – not infatuation, but love that comes from the core of my being… I was 26.  I remember when I met her online.  Her picture showed these bright eyes.  When we met I could tell she was both practical and fun.  She loved music and we’d blast it together.  We were together nearly every day since then.  The more time I spent with her, the more I loved her.  I got to know all of her hidden secrets, her quirks, and how to push her buttons.  
Over the years, those eyes have dulled some, we’d progressed to talk radio because she doesn’t seem to like loud music anymore.  She started slowing down some.  She… she doesn’t seem to be the same Lola that I met.  I’ve tried to take care of her the best I could.  I was always on time with oil changes.  If she needed brakes, I’d do them.  I’d do tune ups and preventative maintenance.  I just didn’t see the transmission going.  I think of what I should have done.  What I could have done to keep her a little longer.  I suppose it doesn’t matter now.  
Now it’s time for us to part ways.  She has an unknown future ahead of her.  I wish her well.  I wish I could hold on to her for just a little longer, but I can’t.  
I’ll always remember that first time we drove together.  Opening up your sunroof in January feeling the cold air rush in and feeling alive with you.  I love you Lola, you were my first love.  


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One thought on “first love

  1. That is my Jeep Liberty. When I bought my Wrangler yesterday I felt like I was betraying “Brady”. In my case I am luck though as Brady is Dawna’s now and still in the family. Sorry about your beloved car. I hope you will grow to love the new one just as much!

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