as I walk

the journey to becoming me

the big 11

*The 11 “theologians” (just Jesus-y people) with whom I’d like to sit down and chat (no particular order):

  • Jay Bakker  Without a doubt he’s been the most influential in helping me let God out of the box that I made for Him.  At the very least, I wanna check out his tattoos.
  • Anne Lammott  I remember reading her book Traveling Mercies, when I was in chassis and suspension (I went to an automotive college) and being shocked that this woman who follows Jesus swore… in print.  My curiosity and my faith began to increase.
  • Rachel Held Evans  Let’s be honest… for just a “writer”, she’s bad-ass.  She does what she says even if it’s camping out when on the rag.  (Sorry I’m crass, did I mention I went to an automotive college)
  • Rob Bell  Come on!  This dude has the guts and conviction to put down and mass produce words that he knows will cause a firestorm in the Christian community.
  • Fred Phelps  Yes.  The infamous Fred Phelps.  The Westboro Baptist Fred Phelps.  Why?  Because I want to know why.  I want to know if there ever was a time that he considered Jesus’ teachings in his church doctrine, or if he’s always been a man of hate.
  • Peter Rollins  His stuff is über deep.  I remember the first time I read a book of his, at the end I went “huh?”  Maybe if we chatted, it would get clearer to me.  Plus, I love accents.
  • Brian McLaren  An author who gently challenges my doctrine through a well written story.  He’s gotta be good for a chat over pizza at least.
  • Justin Lee  You didn’t think I’d exclude the founder of the Gay Christian Network did you?
  • Jennifer Knapp  As a teen her lyrics made me feel despite what I was told, that I could get closer to God even though I felt like I had unforgivable sin.  Now, as we have both become out women, I’d like to hear more about out that’s changed her relationship with Christ.  Her last album had a lot of hurt in it, I hope that’s healing.
  • Andrew Marin  A Christian whose goal is to build bridges between the LGBT community and the Christian community.
  • Scot McKnight  So, I’ve only read one of his books.  It was a short little ditty that I think I had heard about in a RHE book… but I appreciate it.  I love digging into the marrow of the text.  Even more, I love that there are chicks in the Bible that did stuff other than cook a freakin’ meal.  Even more, I love that a dude took the time to expose that.  So with Scot, we’d have a nice refreshing glass of hard cider (or some other cocktail/mocktail)

*to be fair, I read a blog that inspired me to come up with my own list.  they are very different(except for Jay Bakker and Rob Bell – who wouldn’t want to talk to those dudes?).


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