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I screwed up

Okay folks.  I was wrong.
It wasn’t an intentional error, which perhaps makes it even worse.
What I wrote in my last post was wrong.
I wrote about the shitty part of my year – the first part.
I implied that my family did not accept me.
That is simply not true.  My family loves me.  My sister has stood by my side.
I was scared that I’d lose her.  I was scared that I’d lose my nieces.  I was scared that the worst case would happen.
Crap, there’s a fire in the coffee shop where I’m writing this, so I will have to make this quick.

What I was fearful of, never happened.  If anything, I’ve been shown more love by my sister and father than I ever had imagined possible.
I guess what I should have written is that I was scared of what did not happen.  My sister loves me.  My father loves me.  My mom loves me.  I am loved.  a


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One thought on “I screwed up

  1. You do have an awesome sister who is an amazing writer and often posts things that hit home for me. 🙂

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