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How do you want to take it?  For the Christian, the question is more about what God says and how that intersects with our lives.  I’ve been thinking of purity quite a bit this past month.  There are times that I felt as though I had fallen short of God’s standard for purity.  Then there were other times that I felt that I was perfectly walking in His will.
I’ve been trying to remember to keep Him at the center of my life.  It’s those times that I don’t even question anything about purity.  He’s there for me and with me.  He guides me and leads me.
For so long, when I heard “purity” I would immediately think about sex.  Isn’t that kind of opposite from what’s supposed to happen?  I would think about the things that I’m supposed to not do in order to remain “pure”.  It just seemed backwards.  Then I’d think about the “ring”.  Purity rings.  It’s about waiting for God to bring along the right person.  Every time I’d look at mine I’d get frustrated thinking about whoever that person would be and not about seeking God.  After spending more and more time with Him, I’ve finally begun to shift my views.  Now, I hear the word, and I think about Love.  His Love for me.  That’s pure.  That’s unadulterated.  That’s organic.  That has no red dye, no pesticides, and is gluten-free.
I used to be known as a prude.  A puritan.  I defined my Christianity by what I didn’t do.  I didn’t drink.  I didn’t smoke.  I didn’t do drugs.  I didn’t listen to secular music.  I didn’t have sex.  What I lacked in doing, I made up for in legalism and hypocrisy.  Now, if people were to define my Christianity by what I don’t do, I’m sure I’d be deemed as going to hell.  I learned that Christianity isn’t about being puritanical.  It’s about following Jesus – whether your life is messy or clean.

I’m not perfect, and I know I never will be.  But I love Jesus.  I want to follow Him.  I also love others and want to love them well with a love that is pure – free from judgment, envy, and malice.
That is purity.


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