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Coming Out Christian

This post is part of the “Our Stories” project, where readers submit their testimony or coming out story. It’s important to engage in meaningful and life-giving discussions about a topic that is too often silenced. When you tell your truth, you help someone else accept theirs.

This post comes from Jess. She shares her story as it was originally told on her blog, Design of Gender. You should definitely check it out!


Growing up, my family did not go to church, though we celebrated all the consumerist Christian holidays (still do). I learned how to consume religion through family dinners, purchasing gifts, and giving cards. But what were we celebrating?

My first experience of organized religion was when a friend invited me to church when I was in elementary school. I went with her to Sunday School and we memorized a Bible verse. I didn’t really understand why…

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  1. Jeremy on said:

    Thanks for sharing! As a Christian/ex-homophobe I’ve had my eyes opened by a really close friend who recently came out. You are totally correct in that we need to love everyone, regardless of our view on homosexuality. Even if I believe it to be a sin, why do I treat it any different then they types of sin I do? Imagine if the “church” would just treat every the same? To love all people the same, regardless of how God made them? We would be so much more effective in The Great Commission because we would not be seen as haters and judges, but as a people who love, love as Christ loves!

    I am happy that you have learned to love yourself and know the love of Christ!

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