as I walk

the journey to becoming me


I recently had this conversation:

Friend: Oh.
Me:  Oh?  A few months ago you seemed pretty supportive.
F:  Well, that was in theory.
M:  It’s okay theoretically, but not in reality???
F:  (relieved) Exactly.  Well… no.  Yes.  No.  Look, I’m supportive of you, not your choices.
M:  It’s not a freakin’ choice.
F:  You can’t prove that.
M:  (silent stare)
F:  You can’t.
I’m not looking for people to be my moral compass- I have the Holy Spirit for that.  But, don’t say you’re supportive and then take it away.  Step up and be honest at the beginning.  Sure, it’ll feel awkward to say look, I really don’ t think this is something that is best for you, but I’m your friend and will stand with you.  But won’t it be a lot worse to have to back track?


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One thought on “ugh

  1. I am sure your friend expected this not to last. And people don’t get the “this is not a choice” thing. For you and I it isn’t like we just made this choice. we fought it and fought it and ran from it and buried ourselves in God and the church and other Christians. And speaking for me, it never changed. Even after Encounters and having it prayed off of me. Even after interceding and crying out to God day after day. It was still there. So I truly believe this is not a choice. But how we live our lives, that is a choice. I talk to God a lot and I am always pointing out how my walk needs to improve in many areas. But not because of me being gay. Just my beliefs. Some people come around, some don’t. You just have to take your self to God and keep it between you and him. People can judge all they want. And people have their own views. Don’t look for affirmation from people. Just from God. Love you! And btw…it does suck when someone you thought was supportive of you backs out.

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