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what a weekend

I’m not certain yet if my fears about visiting my father for the weekend were founded or not.
For the most part, it was a normal visit – we sat in awkward silence a good chunk of time and went out to restaurants.  Then there were the other moments, the times that we talked… and well… here’s a sampling of some of the questions my step mother asked me.

How do lesbians have sex?  (at this question, my dad got up and walked out of the room)
Do you fondle breasts?
Would you like to fondle breasts?
Is oral sex sex?
How do you feel about fornication?
Do all lesbians have short hair?
(regretfully showed her a picture of someone I’m seeing)
Oh, honey, why would she be interested in *you*?
Why would you be interested in someone feminine?
Who holds the door open for whom?
Are you the man?
Are you attracted to me?

Then, there was another time when I was introduced to someone:
“This is our lesbian daughter”
I waited for an uncomfortable few seconds, extended my hand and said “Hi, I’m Marissa”

That sums up my weekend.


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3 thoughts on “what a weekend

  1. Jeremy on said:

    I can’t really “like” this post. It’s a sad thing that this is from your parents. Doest even seem like they want to understand who you are, or even respect you as a human, much less their daughter. They don’t have to agree with your decisions but they should still love you and treat you with decency.

  2. Some of the questions seem like they just really don’t know. Others were offensive. First off you shouldn’t be introduced as who you love ie. “Lesbian daughter”. Your attraction to females does not define you. It is who you love, not all you are. Just a part of you. Would u be introduces to a non believer as my “Christian friend”? Or to someone else as my “coffee barista friend”? You get the point. That would be like introducing a family member of a different race as my “hispanic daughter” and so on. Being gay, a Christian and making good coffee (I couldn’t think of a better example…lol) are all part of you. But the bottom line is you are Marissa. They need to take the focus off of who you are attracted to and see you really are the same as you always have been. Still you. People seem to have trouble with that.

  3. Tiffany on said:

    uh, wow!!! That’s all I have to say.

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