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The world has changed for the better

So I’ve mentioned a few times that the documentary Fish Out Of Water is incredible and that pretty much every person alive needs to watch it (not hyperbolic at all).  Last night, I actually emailed the writer/director of it and thanked her.  I shared a little bit about where I’m coming from, but mostly, I just thanked her for speaking the truth clearly and concisely in a non-threatening way.
What I didn’t expect was a response back (and in less than 24 hours).  She gave me even more information and hope.   It’s these things that may seem little, that have the largest impact on me.  I’m going to close this post with the very same words she closed her email to me –
“The world has changed for the better.  Don’t waste any more time thinking you’re flawed and denying yourself loving, solid, transformative, joy-bringing relationships.   We all deserve love and commitment.  Claim it for yourself.”


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