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So, it totally slipped my mind this week as I was still trying to get my body to recover from the weekend (did I mention that I walked 9+miles after going on a 3 mile run on Sunday while the sun was beating down and I think I got sun burn, heat stroke/exhaustion and dehydration?) and getting back in the groove of my new/old job (did I mention that I left my job and am working back at the job that I left for the one I just left?  does that even make sense?) that I am now famous.  Well.  No.  Not at all.  I’m not making a lick of sense today.
Let me start over.

Last Thursday night was my final overnight shift.  It was my last shift with that company – after I gave my 2 week’s notice.  I spent that weekend sleeping mostly and then I checked out Pride on Saturday and had great pizza afterwards.  Then on Sunday as I mentioned, I walked in the parade itself.   While walking, there was this nice guy by the name of Dan who was chatting with me.  He was asking how this Pride was different from the year before, what I thought about the politics of it, the religion angle, how there are a lot of straight people who come and what I thought about that.  So we were in this really great conversation for probably a good half mile and I realize halfway through that he’s writing everything down on a steno-pad.  Oh that’s right, he was from the Tribune.   I was at the point though of such a good conversation with the guy, that I kept talking.  Shocker.
I searched to see if this article was online… and I didn’t find myself.  I was relieved because… well… I’m not sure I’m at the place where I want my name, my views, and my “coming out” story in an article about Pride.  Then I clicked on an article, and sure enough, there it was.  My name was mis-spelled.  What fortune!  Here, I got to say what I thought (granted, the best parts weren’t used) and it can’t be found with my correct last name.  On Monday I bought a copy of the Tribune.  The article started bottom of the fold page 1 and continued on 4.  Good job Dan getting an article on page 1!


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