as I walk

the journey to becoming me


There’s so much that I’d like to say and share right now, but so much that I still want to guard.  I guess what I can share is that I am finally moving into a place of peace.  I’m doing things that from the outside might look like the wrong things, but I’m finally connecting with God in real ways.  It’s not a show, it’s not out of obligation, it’s just the way it should be.  It may not be the popular thing, okay… it’s the opposite of the popular thing, but I really believe that this is what God has in store for me, at least for now.  I learned long ago not to put God in a box or to “thus sayeth the Lord” because though HE doesn’t change, things change which in turn changes His plans.  So I don’t know what the future holds.  I do know though, that it does not involve self hatred, clenched teeth, and anger.  Sure, there will be times when those things creep in, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fairly decent community around me who will be bold enough to tell me when that’s happening and together we can squash it.
Tonight I got prayed over by 3 guys who I don’t know and they all pretty much had the same vibe going – that God loves me as I am, where I’m at, and is super stoked that I’m following Him and wants to dance with me.  It felt like a confirmation that I’m on the right path, that I made some good choices.   More on those to come later, but this is enough to chew on for now.

I’ll leave you with a fun video that keeps me smiling:  God is Not a White Man


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