as I walk

the journey to becoming me


This is a bit premature, I’ll cop to that.  I haven’t quite figured out what my stance is yet, but I’ve discovered a new perspective.  To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s Truth or not.  That’s really what I’m weighing.  I’ve been spending time reading and praying.  I’ve been selectively bouncing this new concept off of people who I respect, trust, and love.  This isn’t something that I can “test the waters” on.  It’s something that I have to know first.
One of those awesome people who I respect, trust, and love asked me tonight – what would change in my life if I went with this.  My response was “nothing”.  I mean, I don’t see too much changing, besides not feeling like I’m constantly giving God the finger (which I’m not intending to do by the way).  There’s a broad (somewhat fluid) spectrum… and I would place myself probably right of center.  So there’s a darn good chance that it sort of doesn’t even matter what way I go with this… but I think that this is what will determine how cozy of a relationship I have with God.
Isn’t that strange?  That a viewpoint regarding two humans could impact my relationship with God (Creator of said humans).
For the record, this is an earnest quest.  I don’t want to go with what is “easy”.  I want what is Truth.  I don’t want to go with the majority.  I want the Truth for my life.  If the Truth turns out to be “easy”, awesome.  If it turns out to suck, fine.  I want it either way.  That is what I want.


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