as I walk

the journey to becoming me

a girl, her Bike, and the bee

Let me tell you a story about a girl, her Bike, and a bee.  This girl loved the wind in her face and decided that she should become a cyclist.  She fell in love with a Bike and started riding it.  She certainly didn’t look like she’d be interested in biking.  Her friends thought she was crazy and didn’t want to hang out with her and her Bike.  Some laughed, some were confused, but a few were encouraging her to stick with the Bike and gave her pointers.
So this girl took up biking.  It became her life.  It was all she thought about.  She changed her whole life around so that it would revolve around her Bike.  One day she had a crazy thought that she should bring her Bike to places that haven’t known of cycling.  She wanted others to get the opportunity to love the Bike too.
One day while riding, a bee came along.  This girl has had previous run ins with bees before and is allergic to them.  She hadn’t dealt with a bee while riding before and got scared and distracted.  She started swatting it away completely forgetting she was on a Bike.  She risked falling off her Bike, damaging it, or possibly injuring herself in the process all because of this stupid bee.
What she forgot to take into account is that she could pedal faster than that bee could fly.   She thought about ditching the bike so she could deal with this pest of a bee.  She forgot how much she loved her Bike.  She forgot about her dream of taking the Bike to others who didn’t know that joy.  All she could think about was that bee.
While the bee was in her face and darting back and forth in her hair, some fellow cyclists came along and asked about her Bike and what her plans are to take it to other places.  They didn’t stop asking until she stopped paying attention to the bee and started focusing on what was important – her Bike and her plan to bring the Bike to others.
With her renewed goal and focus she began to pedal faster.  The bee is still around, but she sees it for what it is – a distraction.   For now, she’s paying attention to what matters and knows that a bee cannot keep up with her Bike.


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