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I had a dream the other night- I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  I’m not sure if it’s simply because I’m not used to dreams without meaning that I’m so hung up on it, or if it’s because there is a meaning and my brain is working overtime to try to figure it out.  So my solution is to present it to you and see if maybe by doing so, I can learn and grow from it.

It’s hard to explain a dream sometimes- because in the dream things don’t necessarily happen, but you know that they did… so keep that in mind as I share this.  Well, this one started off as I’m with a friend (B) and we’ve been all over the city all day.  We decided to go to a particular bar/restaurant/club (honestly not truly sure what it was since I never got totally inside).  There’s a pretty big wait- but it’s the coolest waiting area ever!  People are playing games (there was a guy in a beige plaid shirt with a scruffy face – but in a hipster not homeless way- playing connect 4, there were couches, a fireplace, tvs, radios, hookahs… the waiting area was awesome.   As B and I settle in (I really do call her B by the way- it’s not some anonymity thing) and I notice that there’s this chick there.  We had seen her everywhere we had been that day.  I don’t know her… but I KNOW that we kept running into eachother all day…  more on this character later…

The other main character was… Jack (as in LOST)- but it wasn’t Jack… it was … Dave (as in Pastor/room mate).  So it’s a Jack like character played by Dave.  So Jack/Dave is kind of the go-to guy for the waiting area.  He doesn’t actually work for the club/bar/restaurant- he’s just one of the people waiting.  This leadership responsibility was thrust upon him and he rose rather well to the challenge.  Though he is just “one of us”- he really made that waiting area amazing.  So amazing that some people chose to stay out rather than go in when their names were called.

So I’ve covered the characters- there’s Jack/Dave, B, and this chick.  Oh, and me.  I was wearing olive cargo pants in my dream… never a good sign by the way.
Okay so back to the progression of the dream- B and I are hanging out settling in on a couch ordering a couple drinks.  I see the chick and I’m a bit fixated on her.  So B gets up to go to the bathroom- and asks me to watch her iPad (which by the way she was lugging around in what can only be described as a Ghostbusters like backpack.  This thing was monstrous).  I nod and say “sure, sure” as I’m staring at this chick.  So this chick- she was petite (but not super tiny) she had chunks of fire engine red throughout her black cherry colored hair.  Her lower lip on her left side was pierced (silver hoop).  I saw this chick’s face with more clarity than I’ve ever seen anyone in a dream before- but it’s not a face that I’ve ever seen.  She had a bit of a “cat like” personality- seems aloof but is actually beckoning you.  So I’m sitting on this couch (slouching really) sipping on a drink watching this chick sitting on the arm of another couch- she’s interacting with other “wait-ees” and every once in awhile I can tell she looks back at me out of the corner of her eye.  During this time, I’m completely unaware of anything that is happening outside what is going on with this chick.
She gets up and wanders around the corner.  I too get up to follow her.  Then I remember the freakin’ huge backpack and iPad- so I walk across the way so that I can see around the corner and be within eyeshot of B’s technology.  I look around the corner and don’t see her anymore- but what I do see is the outdoors- it’s like a huge backyard in suburbia.  There’s a firepit (not a little metal one like a huge dug out one), a patio, porch, and lumberjacks (kinda like the connect 4 guy, but these look like they actually could jack some lumber- that doesn’t sound appropriate…).  There’s a bit of a commotion so Jack/Dave makes an appearance.  He walks on the scene and people stop complaining and quiet down.  He turns around and asks me if I’d like to play ping-pong.  I say yes (this is how we know it’s a dream, I hardly ever say yes).  So I round the corner and make my way to the ping pong area.  As I near it though Jack/Dave orders everyone to destroy the ping pong table.  I’m super confused because I *just* got there and he invited me!  Jack/Dave saw I think it was rejection on my face and told me that the table wasn’t right so he got a new one.  So we kind of walked away from that scene and he made an offhand comment-  that it was Frank that did it wrong and he’s from the warehouse- but he said it in a … condescending tone.  So, he walks me back to the couch and I see the big backpack that houses the iPad and I’m super grateful that it was still there cuz I totally spaced and didn’t watch it at all.  So I settle back down in the couch and the chick comes over to me and gives me a drink.  We chatted briefly about how it’s a small world and that we kept running into each other.  At this point B comes back sits down and asks me to had the iPad to her.  I grab it and realize that the contents of the bag are gone.  Everything.  Gone.

Okay- so that’s the dream.
Couple things:

  • I have never heard Dave be condescending once- that is completely out of character (from what I’ve witnessed)
  • I’m not sure if the cargo pants actually are significant in this dream- however in past dreams… ya know what, you probably don’t need that information…
  • I woke up really confused and feeling like a bad friend.
  • Any thoughts, revelations, etc, I’d love to hear (though I think I might have gained a bit of insight as I wrote this out).

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