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5 months from today… … …

I am now just under $900- totally awesome.  Seeing money come in has really given me hope and excitement.  When the calling to NK first came up, I remember having this feeling that I would be riding a bike there.  At the gym that I went to when I would get on the bike I would imagine praying as I rode.  I would imagine seeing villages and people there that I couldn’t talk to, but could pray for silently, without being found out. 

When I moved to Chicago, God stirred up the idea for a bike ride… by summer I knew I’d be riding about 300 miles this upcoming September and that it would somehow have to do with North Korea.  Then back in December (I believe it was my first blog post) I came across a Wall Street Journal article that mentioned a tour group based in China that is going to be doing a cycling tour in NK in September.  By January, I knew that I’d be on that tour.  

So here it is April- 5 months away from the trip.  I have a week to get the 50% deposit in to reserve my spot.  I’m trusting and believing that God will make it happen.  Looking back on those moments at my old gym in CT, I realize how (I don’t want to say prophetic… because that’s a little intense) right on I very well may have been.  I had always assumed though, that I’d have to sneak in, do some “work”, and then get captured and die in a prison/labor camp.  That was pretty much how I had always seen it- and miraculously, I’ve been fine with that.  God has been challenging that view (as I’ve mentioned before).  It actually was harder for me to accept that I may NOT die in NK.  That I wouldn’t wind up as a martyr.  I know, kinda twisted.  I always thought that was my purpose, that was the plan, nothing else mattered.  Well, guess what… maybe not.  Yes, I am still (clearly) called there, but… maybe as the tourist.  Maybe I’ll live in a border country and help refugees.  Maybe… maybe there are other options than be martyred.  

Five months from today, I will be packing.  Five months from today I will be needing some hardcore prayer.  Five months and a couple days from today, I will be on a bicycle in North Korea.  Come on, be a part of it.  Pray for me.  Pray that I have funding, wisdom, protection, physical endurance, and favor with my “handlers”, guides, and officials.  I’m sure I will think of other prayer requests as time nears- but for now, this will do (with the most pressing need being the finances to do this).  Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of this historic adventure.

* Should trip not happen, I will refund every donation.


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