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Where should I put the TV?

I started doing this crazy new thing the past few days, perhaps you’ve heard of it- praying.  That’s not to say that I don’t pray… but this is a different level.  I’m talking to Him… asking Him questions… and I’m waiting for a response.  I’ve been asking one particular question of Him since Thursday night (I know it’s only been a few days)- but every time I ask it… I get more intense about it.  Tonight as I was praying, it finally hit me- I know what my “Promised Land” is!  

I’m not quite ready to share it with social media- but I know what it is now, and I can work towards it.  I am going to keep praying and keep fighting lies.  I’m going to possess the land.  This is my inheritance.  God wants this for me.  I want it for me.  It’s a win win situation.  There will be hard work.  It will possibly get messy.  But I finally know what’s coming.  “Your Promised Land is coming.”  That didn’t mean much of anything to me last week.  Right now- it means freedom.  It means contentment.  It means a weight off my chest.  It means hope.  

God will answer my question, and soon.  When He does, I’ll be one step closer to conquering the land.  

I wonder if the Israelites acted as if the land were theirs before they conquered it?  Did they picture building their home and what they were going to plant in the garden or where they would put their tv?  Would that give them more incentive to fight for it?  I believe it would.  So tonight, I’m going to pray as if I already have arrived at my Promised Land- and simply thank my Lord for giving it to me.  


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