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Dance off?

Okay, so my morning started off really… weird.  It bothered me… alot actually.  So, I decided to try to clear my head with a workout. 

Little known fact about me, I am extremely competitive.  I try to hide it, because it’s not pretty.  That’s why I don’t shoot pool much anymore, I have a tendency to… well… cheat.  I’m bad at pool, yet I’m competitive… it gets rather ugly.  Anyway, so I got on the bike before the other 2 that were there.  But something inside of me wouldn’t quit until they finished their workout.  Fine.  So rather than 30 minutes, I would keep going.  Fine.  The girl wasn’t any competition really, I think she was only there to be distracting to boys.  But here is where my competing nature got me- I looked over at the guy’s display.  He had gone 13 miles and burned 440 calories.  What the what!?!?!!?!?!  (Sorry, been watching 30 Rock)  He went further than I did in less time.  So… after he stopped (quitter), I kept going- faster and harder.  I ended up on there for an hour and I went 16 miles and burned 340 calories (that guy had to have been cheating with the calories). 

During the last 5 minutes on there a great peppy awesome song came on- The Dog Days Are Over.  If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen, it will make you smile.  It made me smile while tearing it up on the bike.  It also made me want to dance.  There’s nothing quite like trying to dance on a stationary bike.  There’s also nothing quite like getting off of the bike and realizing that there are lots of people that were behind you and totally saw you make a fool out of yourself.  Yeah.  But that’s okay.  I had fun… Besides, I could totally beat those people in weird bike dancing competitions any day of the week!  That’s right gym rats- consider yourself challenged.  It’s on!  


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