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Warning: This May Offend You

As many of you know, I’ve been reading through the Bible chronologically (perhaps the 100 updates a day with hopefully witty comments re: different verses gave that away).  I’ve been trying to do 1-2 line blurbs about what I’m reading and getting out of it.  It helps to keep me involved with what I’m reading and I love getting the feedback from it- it keeps me motivated to read the next few chapters.  

I saw this verse and I know that I can’t just brush past it… I know I need to comment.  But I certainly can’t do that with a simple tweet or status update.  My hope is that anyone who knows me well, knows my heart and motivations.  I have a different view from a majority of evangelical Christians regarding homosexuality.  I am happy DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) got repealed (means people who want to serve can serve, and keeps people like me who don’t want to from having to serve).  I am not opposed to gay marriage.  The biggest argument I’ve heard was it mocks the sanctity of marriage- PLEASE!!!  Until straight people can stay married to ONE person… that argument won’t hold water for me.  Heterosexuals have been the ones who mock the sanctity of marriage.  

I am not going to argue with ANYONE about this.  I am going to state the insight that I got out of this- and that is all.  I welcome feedback- but more than likely, I will not engage in a conversation unless it is one on one in person (preferably with coffee).  

I have heard from a pulpit several times that homosexuality is an abomination and that God hates that sin more than others.  That always gets me upset- because God is love (1 John 4:8)- and sin is sin in His eyes.  Sin separates us from a right relationship with God- whether it’s lying at work or stealing or murder- it WILL and DOES separate us from God.  So I never understood why God would hate homosexuality MORE than murder or rape.  So I come to Leviticus 18:22.  Perhaps it’s because it’s a different version that I see it different from how I’ve always heard it, or maybe it’s because I’ve been so into the OT the past week that I’m reading it with different eyes in full context…

This is Lev 18:22 in NCV “ ‘You must not have sexual relations with a man as you would a woman. That is a hateful sin.”   Now, I will say, that most versions use some variation of the word “abomination”.  Perhaps it’s because it’s not in my every day vernacular… but reading it as a hateful sin changes everything for me.  I read it not as God hating the person- but as the sin breeding hate for the person themselves.  I still see God being love… and looking down… feeling that same pain His children have knowing that they are hurting.   

So I know that this post has the ability to tick off everyone- but I want to share what I’ve been gaining from my journey.  


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