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*Farewell Rocky

I thought now would be an appropriate time to give an update.  So, Monday I had my gallbladder removed.  With the exception of the pain, it was a rather pleasant experience.  When I came to afterwards I was in the recovery room and wanted to go back to sleep.  My nurse wouldn’t let me.  She kept talking to me (which is her job by the way to wake me up) and wound up asking for advice on cars (personally, I don’t recommend taking advice from someone coming out of anesthesia).  She was super nice to me and kept swabbing my mouth for me (they give meds to dry up all the secretions during surgery).  When it was time to move me into the next phase of recovery, I told her that I liked her and that she was really pleasant.  I asked her name- she looked at me and said that I wouldn’t remember, but that it was Kathy.  So Nurse Kathy, I want to thank you for being awesome to wake up to and I hope you don’t buy another Suzuki again as they are pieces of crap.  
Then there was Nurse Honey.  Yes, Honey.  That is her name.  Plus she was sickeningly sweet.  She gave me pain medicine before I realized I needed any- anyone who does that for me is tops in my book.  But perhaps my favorite… was… Nurse Alex.  He had a tattoo… and really cool glasses…. and… yeah.  He was… very competent.  Yes.  He was competent.  Moving on…

So I decided to stay at my sister’s place to recover.  Tuesday was rough.  I was in so much pain that I actually cried a few times.  I don’t think I’ve cried about pain since… actually there are only 2 other times that I remember doing that (as an adult)- my back, and my finger- both involved surgery.  Anyway… she and Adam have been taking great care of me- getting me water, icepacks, meds, feeding my addiction for LOST.  Okay- I admit it.  I was one of those people who had never seen an episode of LOST and was proud of it.  Well, I finished up season 1 today and am hoping to make it through season 2 before I go back to work.  Is that insane?  Possibly.  Does the vicodin make the show better?  Possibly.  Am I glad to be watching a show that doesn’t make me laugh?  Definitely.  

Yes laughter hurts- so bad that I cry.  There was some lame brazillian butt infomercial on today that Adam laughed about and I ended up crying – which by the way crying hurts almost as bad as laughter.  So… no laughter.  The problem is once you say no laughter, everything becomes funny.  Things that would have only been “cute” are suddenly full blown comedy routines.  So in my case, laughter is not the best medicine. 

I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be doing even better.  Today I was able to sit up and watch some tv before needing to lie down.  I was able to shower and even made myself some tea.  Tomorrow will be better.  I just hope that I’ll keep improving quickly so I can go back to work.  I don’t have any sick time- so this is definitely eating away at my budget.  But, it’s done.  No more waking up at 2 am in crazy pain that doesn’t go away for 4 hours.  No more not eating because I’m afraid of the pain that might come.  

Oh, and the surgeon took pictures of my gallbladder for me- including the stones.  When I get access to a scanner, I’ll scan them in.  They’re pretty hardcore.  In a weird way, I’m actually kind of proud of those stones.  For starters- it’s proof that I’ve lost a lot of weight… so that’s good.  Then there’s also the fact that they’re soooooo massive- it proves that I was in a lot of pain and it was the right thing to have it removed.  So yeah- Rocky’s gone.  Goodbye… you were great for 30 years… you just kinda sucked at the end… but I’ll try to remember the beginning- back when you stored bile like a champ.  You were the man.  


*disclaimer: was written while on vicodin


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One thought on “*Farewell Rocky

  1. Kristin on said:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures! I am a little jealous…my surgeon was too worried about getting mine out and didn’t take any cool pictures. He did give me a rather impressive write up of the entire surgery at my 2 week follow-up appointment. Granted, I made him walk me through step-by-step through the surgery the night before. 🙂 Yes I am that kind of dork. 🙂 Glad you are slowly feeling better. I promise it gets better quickly.

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