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Polar Express with the girls


I babysat for my nieces tonight while my sister went out on a date with her husband- cuz I’m that awesome.  We started off by just kind of lounging around (as you can see Sophie doing – complete with belly hanging out).  I decided that we’d have a fun evening.  I always try to do some kind of craft or activity with the girls when I watch them and seeing that Kat (the oldest) was pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ing to watch The Polar Express… I thought a fitting craft would be to make the tickets for the train.  If I had thought it out ahead of time, I would have brought a hole punch with me and really had fun with them… but it was still pretty fun to watch them.  Halfway through the movie, Kat said her name was Billy (the poor boy in the movie).  She loves Billy.  Then she said she wanted a reindeer and sleighbells.  At least she knows what she wants.  
So anyway, here’s a picture of the ticket that I helped them make- complete with a choo choo train, sleigh, and snow flakes.  For the record, I’m not an artist and I failed penmanship several times in school.   



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One thought on “Polar Express with the girls

  1. Kristin on said:

    You are the best aunt ever!!! Can you come play at my house sometime!?

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