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The ultimate bike ride

I so wish that I had money- I’d do this next September:

I’ve been planning on doing a 300 mile bike ride in September… but wouldn’t it be way more awesome to actually do it inside of North Korea?  I mean… really?  Yeah.  Awesome.  Sadly, I do not have anywhere close to 2190 Euros.  I’m not even sure what that is the equivalent to in US.  Darn the imperialists for not knowing such information (Little bit of NK humor).  

If anyone feels the inclination to do so, I’d be more than willing to accept 2190 Euros.  Sure, I could do it a little cheaper- 1490 Euros for a shorter stay… but really… to get there and leave when I know that if money weren’t an object I could be there longer… no.  Gotta do the longer trip.  Of course that Euro amount doesn’t include the flight to Beijing- or back to the states… so I’ll probably need a whole lot more than that.  

I should be getting ready for work now, but… I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to bike in the country that I’ve envisioned so many times, that I’ve watched every documentary I can get my hands on, that I just can’t stop thinking about… 

Someday NK, some day we’ll be together.


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